Holland America Amsterdam – Day 2 Pt. 6 – May 2015 – Sea Day

(Continued from Day 2, Pt. 5) … After dinner on Holland America msAmsterdam, we all wandered around together a little bit, and then the teens left us to our own devices.  We set off on another big exploration adventure.  During the night, we stopped by the theatre, where the performer, Natalie Toro was performing.  We walked into the upper level at some point between songs.  She was doing some banter between songs, and then started to sing.  We decided that this really was not what we were seeking, so we moved on to check out some of the other performances throughout the ship, and generally to see what else was going on.  The actual order of our stops has been changed to protect the innocent (or maybe.. just maybe… because my memory fails me).  During our journey, we went to the Explorer’s Lounge and heard some of the Adagio Duo, which consisted of a violin and a piano playing classical music.  The area was nice, and the music was lovely.  The Explorer’s Lounge is a nice sitting area, and there is also the Explorations Cafe on the port side, where there is a decent library for passengers.  Overall, a very nice place to quietly sit and pass the time on the sea days.

Explorations Cafe on MS Amsterdam

Explorations Cafe on MS Amsterdam

We checked out the piano bar, and when we got there, the guitarist was just finishing up his set, and getting ready for the piano lounge entertainer to start up.  We watched both for a short time and moved on.  They were both entertaining.  We had spent lots of time in piano lounges before on cruises, and previously it had been one of our favorite places to have a few drinks and sing along.  Because this was a Holland America ship, it wasn’t quite as interactive as what we had become accustomed to, but it was still enjoyable.  I am a fan of live music of (almost) any type.

Piano Bar on MS Amsterdam

Piano Bar on MS Amsterdam

During the night, we also stopped at Ocean Bar, where a group called “The Neptunes” were playing.  They were playing Jazz standards and it was an enjoyable place to spend a little time.  We listened there for a little while, and then headed back to the room to wind down for the night.  (and maybe have a few adult drinks)… tomorrow would be our last full day onboard.


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