Holland America MS Amsterdam – Day 3 Pt. 1 – May 2015 – Sea Day

(Continued from Day 2, Pt. 6) … Good morning, Sunshine!  It’s day 3.  We awoke once again at the crack of “whenever”, and greeted the room service delivery (once again, just in time).  The pre-ordered breakfast was similar to the previous day, and was mostly all about the coffee and juice to start the day.  We let the teens know that this morning, they could do as they please for breakfast, but we were planning a trip to the Lido Buffet.  After getting ourselves past the coffee-less zombie stage of our day, we headed up to the buffet (conveniently two flights of stairs away), and chose our breakfast.  As is often the case, I chose Eggs Benedict… not much of a surprise there… It’s my vacation go-to brekkie.  One thing that we found pretty impressive is that all of the tables in the Lido Buffet had REAL orchids on them.  My wife commented that we are unable to keep even ONE alive, much less a ship-load of them.

MS Amsterdam Lido Buffet Eggs Benedict

MS Amsterdam Lido Buffet Eggs Benedict

After consuming the Eggs Benedict, I decided that the perfect accompaniment to those eggs would be more eggs…. So, I returned to the buffet line and ordered another Eggs Benedict plate.  Nothing says “Good Morning” like coffee and Eggs Benedict.  Shortly after finishing our breakfast, we ran into the teens as they lumbered up to the Lido Buffet as well.  We wandered toward the front of the ship to get a few photos of the main theatre, The Queen’s Lounge, while there was no one in there.  Again, since it is a smaller ship than we are used to, it was funny for us to see how small it was in comparison.  Nevertheless, it is a very nice theatre, with great seating, and nice bright colors.

MS Amsterdam Queen's Lounge Upper Level

MS Amsterdam Queen’s Lounge Upper Level

MS Amsterdam Queen's Lounge Lower Level

MS Amsterdam Queen’s Lounge Lower Level

Because our vacation was going to last beyond the disembarkation, we chose to do a few loads of laundry while still on the ship, as we figured it would be easier than finding a laundrette somewhere in Vancouver, especially since we hadn’t rented a car for our trip.  Lugging dirty clothes down the hallway was a much easier proposition than doing so in a big town.  Because of this, we cruised up the the front desk to request quarters for later that evening, since we were already out and about.  … (Continue to Day 3, Pt. 2)

MS Amsterdam Front Desk

MS Amsterdam Front Desk

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