Holland America MS Amsterdam – Disembarkation Day Pt. 2 – May 2015 – Vancouver

(Continued from Holland America Disembarkation Day, Pt. 1) … We docked up against the Canada Place dock.  Our spot was directly behind the MS Noordam.

Canada Place and the Aft-end of the holland america MS Noordam

Canada Place and the Aft-end of the MS Noordam

The previous night, we had filled out our Canadian customs forms, to simplify the process.  We propped our balcony door open and were watching the proceedings on the dock from our room. I was lying on the couch near the door, and relaxing.  The steward or someone else came to check the minibar (which we had emptied ourselves and subsequently re-filled prior to arrival.) We had also kept all of our bags under our own control for easier disembarkation.  We chose to self-disembark, so that would could leave at our leisure.

Shortly after the ship arrived, we apparently were cleared by Canadian customs, and we left the ship.  With customs forms in hand, we queued up and walked through Canada Place.  At some point through the journey, we handed the customs forms to an agent, and that was the extent of our customs experience. Years prior, I had been to Vancouver for work, and my customs experiences were consistently MUCH different than it was this time.  We followed the path to leave the building, and were soon out in the sunny Vancouver weather.  After three days of nearly zero sun, the sun was a welcome addition to my day.  (the later days in Vancouver had no sunshine, so this was our only sunshine of our entire vacation)…

This was the end of the ship portion of our trip.  Being our first Holland America ship, we learned a lot about the differences between Holland America and the other cruise lines we had been on.  In general, it was a great experience.  I would have hoped for better weather, but OBVIOUSLY that has nothing to do with the cruise line.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them below.  Thanks for following along on our short adventure.



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