Holland America MS Amsterdam – Day 3 Pt. 5 – May 2015 – Sea Day

(Continued from Day 3, Pt. 4) … After the last dinner, it is always that sad time where you have to come to grips with the fact that this part of the journey is ending.  It is also time for that little bit of real life to start peeking its ugly head into your trip.  This “ugly head” took the form of doing laundry and packing clothes.  While we were waiting for the laundry loads to finish, the youngest of the teens and I took a journey to the Lido deck to swim and/or hit the hot tubs.  Because we were in the open ocean, the pool looked like a tiny wave pool, with waves breaking on both ends.  It looked like something that would be fun to try, until we came to the realization that the water was pretty icy.  Because of this, we opted to just hang out in the hot tub for a little while.  The youngling decided to take a dip in the pool.  He quickly decided that it was an ill-informed decision, and got back into the hot tub.  In the pool area and the aft deck pool area, there were plaid blankets for passenger use, so they could sit outside in the cooler weather and watch the world go by.  I thought this was a nice touch.  I have heard that they serve hot soup on the outside decks when you are doing the Alaska cruises, but I have no first hand knowledge of this. This final night between laundry, packing and swimming, we decided to order some room service and just hang out in the room and enjoy our evening.  We made a few adult beverages and watched the day end.  We flipped through the channels on the television and ended up watching the end of one of the movies that had been playing all day.  Not a very eventful evening, but relaxing nonetheless.  The room service steak sandwich was quite good, and we also ordered up a French Onion Soup and and order of cookies for the teens. Shortly after this, we decided to wrap it up for the evening and sent the teens back to their cabin for the night, telling them that they needed to get their things packed and ready for easy departure the next morning.   … (Continue to Disembarkation Day, Pt. 1)   Get our cruise posts to your inbox monthly! * indicates required Email Address *

Holland America MS Amsterdam – Day 3 Pt. 4 – May 2015 – Sea Day

(Continued from Day 3, Pt. 3) … Before getting ready for dinner, we explored a little more and snapped photos and videos of the ship for future use.  Video is a new thing for us, so it was a learning process for sure.  I learned a lot about what NOT to do, and got a few OK shots.  I am still trying to pull together what I got to post later… One of the first things I learned was that my GoPro camera is great for outdoors in the sun, and great for action shots… but not so great for cloudy, indoors, and “ship tour” type videos.  Oh well, live and learn. Before dinner, we also gathered our laundry such that we could complete it in the evening after dinner.  As mentioned before, it is much easier to walk down the hall than it is to trek across town to do laundry.   OK, OK .. enough about real-life junk like laundry.  Let’s talk about dinner on the seas.  We gathered the family and headed down to dinner in the Main Dining Room.  This was to be our last dinner on the ship before disembarkation the next day. For starters, we decided on Shrimp Cocktail and the Goat Cheesecake with Red Onion Jam.  Both were quite tasty, and a nice start to the final dinner.  The adults are fans of goat cheese, so it was nice to be able to try a savory cheesecake made from goat cheese.  The shrimp cocktail was very good as well.  The teens love anything shrimp-related, so it was a hit with them. Naturally, our main courses were next, and we had chosen the Szechaun Chicken, Rustic Home-Made Lasagna , and the Boston Lager Strip Loin Steak.  Honestly, although it wasn’t “Bad” per se, the Boston Lager Strip Loin was nothing notable.  It was a little tough, and the flavor was less than magical… Now, that being said… the bar HAD been set pretty high at this point.  Overall, I would say that the meal on this last night was not up to the standards that had been set thus far, but was still at least decent.  None of the three meals this last evening were a problem, nor “Bad”… After finishing up our mains, our desserts were ordered.  We had chosen the Vanilla Napoleon, Chocolate Tres Leches Cake, and a Cheese Plate.  We actually ordered the cheese plate each night, but did not get photos of it for some reason.  What a great way to try different cheeses with committing too much to the process.  With dinner completed… it was laundry time (after a relaxing drink or two after dinner.) … (Continue to Day 3, Pt. 5) Get our cruise posts to your inbox monthly! * indicates required Email Address *    

One Day in Paris – The Louvre

  The Louvre…one of the largest and most well-known art museums in the world…it has been around for centuries and is visited by millions every year.  It is home to famous work of art and is so huge that you will need many days if you plan to see everything!  During our visit, we knew that our time was limited so we chose a few pieces of art that we knew were not to be missed and enjoyed a few others along the way. You enter the Louvre thru the iconic glass pyramid that is located in the main courtyard. Once you descend the escalator inside the pyramid to the main lobby you are met with the option of going down three main hallways.  You really should have a game plan before you arrive or it can be very overwhelming. During our visit we planned to see Winged Victory of Samothrace, Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa.  We found 2 of the 3 before our visit was over and it was time to move on.  The Mona Lisa was way smaller than I expected and the area where it hangs was so crowded, but worth it!  She was incredible!  Venus de Milo was picture perfect and more beautiful than I had imagined.  Winged Victory was the one I looked forward to the most and remained unfound…hopefully on my next visit my check list will be complete!

Holland America MS Amsterdam – Day 3 Pt. 3 – May 2015 – Sea Day

(Continued from Day 3, Pt. 2) …  After the Mongolian Barbeque, we set off to go get a few photos of the “Wajang Theater”  This is where they show movies several times a day, as well as carrying on culinary demonstrations.  The movie screen drops down in front of the cooking demo area (which is quite a nice cooking demo area).  During our cruise, they showed “Taken 3”, “Macfarland, USA” , and “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb”.  These movies would also play the next day on repeat on your television in your room.  It turned out that this was a good way to wind down at night sometimes.  We had hoped to go to the movies in the theater, but never ended up making it.  We were probably too busy foraging for our next snack or meal.   Before our cruise, since we were traveling with teenagers, we had looked for information about this theater, but had found nothing.  We had also hoped to find at least some sort of idea of what movies were playing in there.  We were unable to find such info, so hopefully someone can find this, and know what types of films were playing there, as well as what the venue looks like. Another nice thing that was available was the ability to “rent” a movie on DVD for your cabin, which had a DVD player already connected to your television.  You could either go to the front desk to borrow the film, or you could call up the front desk and have it delivered.  The teens ordered a few “rentals” to watch, and went to the front desk to check them out.  This turned out to be a nice thing to have, since the activity options for them were limited to some extent.  There was a pretty decent selection of DVDs available, and a book in the cabin that had the movies listed. Not as much because we were hungry (we weren’t… surprisingly)… but we had looked forward to tea time while onboard.  So, we went down to the main dining room to go to tea time.  We got there near the end, and got a table where we could sit and sip tea while eating tiny snack cakes and sandwiches.  There was a nice variety of mostly cakes and such.  I had two little sandwiches, and the kids leaned more toward the cakes (surprise!). Along with the snacks, as one may expect, they had a good selection of teas to choose from.  We sat and chatted and had a few little snacks… generally having a pleasant time together. After leaving tea time, I imagine we wandered around just waiting for our next meal… or at least that’s probably what it seems like while reading this review.  (Note to self:  since this review thing is something I plan on doing again… I maybe should take notes of what I do during the day) 🙂  . … (Continue to Day 3, Pt. 4)