Carnival Breeze – Embarkation Day – June 2013

We had found a very reasonable deal for a 6 day cruise from Miami, with stops in Key West, Grand Turk, and Nassau, so we   invited my mom and step dad to go along (their first cruise), and made all necessary arrangements.  Upon arrival to the Port of Miami, the enormous Breeze was welcoming us for our adventure.

We entered the terminal building and proceeded to check in and receive our boarding group number.  After sitting in the nice terminal area with the brightly colored ceiling, we were called to board and took the obligatory cheesy boarding photo.

Brightly Colored Carnival Ceiling

Carnival Breeze Terminal Ceiling Decorations

Carnival Breeze Atrium

Carnival Breeze Atrium

Carnival Breeze Atrium

Carnival Breeze Atrium

One of the first things you notice when boarding the Breeze is that the Atrium is not quite as flashy as you have come to expect from the typical Carnival Ship.  Joe Farcus, the man behind the “flashy” theme-based designs, took a back seat on the design of

the Carnival Breeze.  This has rendered it a little more subdued, and has also left the Breeze with out the typical “theme” feeling that has been a mainstay of Carnival ships since 1977.  There is a serious lack of gigantic Medusa heads on this ship.

After taking a quick self-paced tour of the ship, it was time to find a snack and a drink.  We headed up to the pool area, and gathered up a Guy Fieri burger and fries, along with a rum drink from the Red Frog rum bar.

After our snack, we headed to our cabins to get settled in and drop off our carryon stuff, so we could continue our tour of the ship.  We wandered around for a little while at which time we went to the sailaway party for a short time, followed by finding a place to quietly watch Miami fade off into the sunset.

After watching this, we tidied up and went to the Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse.  Because we made reservations on the first evening, we were given a bottle of wine for each of our reservations.  I am not certain if they still do this, but if they do, it’s a nice little touch to make dinner even better 🙂

For a $35 per person surcharge, you are provided a wonderful meal.  I have had steaks in some very nice steakhouses in my life, and the steak I had that evening is tied for first place of all the steaks I have ever eaten.  After enjoying our meal and wine, it was time to start winding down our first day on the Breeze.  Day two will take us to Key West, Florida.

(to be continued)


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