5 Best Tips for Travelling Cuba on the Viazul Bus

The Viazul is a charter bus that is similar to the Greyhound bus in the United States and they offer service to many cities across the island. It is an amazing and cost effective way to get from city to city.

Lamanai – Seeing the Submerged Crocodile

Lamanai – Seeing the Submerged Crocodile

  When I found out we were going to Belize, I knew that the one thing I wanted to see the ancient Mayan ruins of Lamanai. For this trip we were coming in on Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas so our time in Belize was pretty limited. The day before arriving in Belize we were in Cozumel being lazy on a beach at Mr Sanchos …so we were ready for so adventure! Ok, so here is where the planning got real…Belize requires a tender boat to get from cruise ship to the shore, then about an hour and a half bus ride from the cruise terminal to the River Safari boat launch, then about and hour and a half boat ride until you finally reach Lamanai. Then you do it all in reverse, but the return boat trip is not quite as long. Seeing that we were coming in on a cruise ship and were planning to head deep into the country, we decided it was probably best to book this directly thru Royal Caribbean to eliminate being left if there was any kind of delay! The bus ride thru the city and the countryside outside of Belize city was pretty miserable.  It was a very old charter bus (sorry no working restroom on board) and the AC was out as well…well mostly anyway.  The tour guides did have a lot of information about Belize, the culture, the people and anything else you could want to know about the country.  The roads are also pretty bumpy along the way so be prepared. The New River Safari boat launch is actually a pretty nice little place. There is a large building (with bathrooms!) with a gift shop, seating area for lunch later in the day, lots of pretty landscaping and a nice view of the New River.  After a few minutes, you are put onto a boat with all the people you were just on the bus with.  It is a pretty large boat holding probably about 20-30 people.  During the long boat ride, you will get to see lots of animals along the way…we saw a monkey, an iguana and a few different types of birds! Arriving at Lamanai you are taken to a small “village” kind of area with more gift shops and a restroom.  After a short break, your group will reassemble and start the walking tour thru the ruins.  The guide that has been with you all day will tell you all about the history of the ruins.  The pathways thru Lamanai are pretty easy to navigate for the most part but it may be difficult for some people with mobility issues.  All in all, we saw three temple ruins and were able to “climb” the tallest of the three.  By climb I mean we took stairs most of the way up but were able to physically climb the last 15-20 stairs to the peak.  Either way fantastic climb and view from the top of the world!  In …

Mr. Sancho’s Cozumel Beach Club

Fun in the sun, food and drinks. If you are looking for something that is not the ordinary Carnival cozumel excursions, then a trip to Mr. Sancho’s All-Inclusive Beach Club in Cozumel, Mexico may be what you are looking for. They have many activities available and are located very close to the cruise terminals.

Cathedral of San Juan Bautista

Cathedral of San Juan Bautista sits in the center of Old San Juan.  It was originally built in 1521.  It was rebuilt in 1540 and 1615 after a hurricane and again in 1625 after a Dutch pirate attack.  In 1917, the church was extended and fully restored.  On our trip to the cathedral, we were not able to enter due to a wedding that was in progress.  We went back the next day and were able to walk right in.  Luckily it was very early and there were not too many people around so we pretty much had the church to ourselves. The cathedral is very large and shows its age, but that is part of the beauty.   We noticed some scaffolding where it looked like upkeep was being done to ensure that this church remains a place to visit for years to come.  Take some time to walk through the rooms, see the beautiful altar and pay a visit to the tomb of Ponce de Leon.  Behind the altar, we wandered into some smaller rooms that looked like old storage areas.  They had some very beautiful sculpture on the walls.  The cathedral is open every day to visitors, but you should check with the church office for hours as they may have changed since I was there. Looking for other things to see in Old San Juan?  Check out our favorites! Like this Post?  PIN IT!

Captain Marvin Grand Cayman Snorkeling Adventure

Do you wanna pet a stingray?  How about having dozens of them surrounding you in their natural habitat just waiting for your attention? Even better maybe you wanna pucker up and give one a smooch for good luck? Captain Marvin in Grand Cayman will show you the best location for all of these! If you look at any tourist guide for what to do in Grand Cayman, a visit to Stingray City is one of the top activities not to be missed things to do while visiting Grand Cayman.  Don’t be fooled though, it is not an actual city on land and is only accessible by boat.  It is very easy to find a tour company that will do a couple hour trip out to the sandbar that is known as Stingray City. The sandbar is located about 2 miles from the shore in Grand Cayman’s North Sound and the water is only around 3 feet deep.