Captain Marvin Grand Cayman Snorkeling Adventure

Do you wanna pet a stingray?  How about having dozens of them surrounding you in their natural habitat just waiting for your attention? Even better maybe you wanna pucker up and give one a smooch for good luck? Captain Marvin in Grand Cayman will show you the best location for all of these! If you look at any tourist guide for what to do in Grand Cayman, a visit to Stingray City is one of the top activities not to be missed things to do while visiting Grand Cayman.  Don’t be fooled though, it is not an actual city on land and is only accessible by boat.  It is very easy to find a tour company that will do a couple hour trip out to the sandbar that is known as Stingray City. The sandbar is located about 2 miles from the shore in Grand Cayman’s North Sound and the water is only around 3 feet deep.