Xrail All terrain Buggy to Jade Cavern Cozumel

Getting Our All Terrain Buggy Looking at an All terrain Buggy Tour in Cozumel thru the Carnival Shore excursions desk?  We did too. With a bit more research I found an excursion called Xrails to Jade Caverns.  An Xrail is similar to a dune buggy/go kart and drives like a normal car with a steering wheel and gas/brake pedals.  Be prepared to use a little muscle when driving…they do not have power steering! Your trip starts with you getting the proper safety gear and getting strapped into your Xrail.  The quads go first because they are faster and get out of the way pretty quickly. After this starting point, I don’t think I saw these guys again. With the quads out of the way, we were finally able to start the trip to Jade Cavern.  The road is bumpy and muddy.  Here is the biggest piece of advice I can give you: Whatever you wear on this trip be prepared to throw it away when you are done!  Everything that you wear is going to be very muddy and very smelly.  Anything you really want to keep you can wash the smell out  but I have some clothes and water shoes that the mud actually stained. The Xrail driving time to the cavern was about 30 mins.  Everyone stays together in a long line with a guide in front and behind so no one gets lost…just follow the leader!  Some of the trails are very muddy and wet while other parts are dry as a bone.  You go through some open areas where you can see a bit of the scenery and then you go into the jungle where you cannot see anything except the vegetation surrounding you. Arriving at Jade Cavern you get a little break with some bottled water available.  You also receive a life vest and a little info about the cavern.  The water looks kinda murky.  The guide shows how the water is actually clear and that it just doesn’t get light so it looks murky.  The smell is terrible (kind of like rotten egg) and they tell you it is sulfur and also give a reminder to not drink the water, they have parasites in the water that we are not use to and you will become ill. There is a pathway to walk down to the waters edge or for the more adventurous you can take the high road…and jump off a cliff into the cenote.  Of course, I took the high road!  The jump isn’t super high, but it was about 10-15 feet which is still pretty high. You get some time to swim around and see the stalactites on the ceiling of the cavern.  Oh, the cavern is also home to many, MANY bats.  During the day, they are all asleep and just hanging out, but it is still very interesting to see. After a little swim, it is time to start heading back.  You take the same path back as you did going into …

5 Things Not to Miss in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Old San Juan is a beautiful city that has many historical sites to visit.  Blue cobblestone streets and fortresses make you feel as though you have taken a step back into history.  The people and the food only add to the magic of this historic city.  Aside from the obvious fortresses and beaches, here is a list of 5 things that you must see in Old San Juan. 1. Cathedral of San Juan Bautista San Juan Cathedral a massive church that is located in the center of town.  Originally constructed in 1521, it has been rebuilt multiple times due to hurricanes and pirates.  The current building was finished in 1917.  The exterior of the building is quite unremarkable and plain but in the interior is incredible. 2. Tomb of Juan Ponce de León Spanish explorer and seeker of the fountain of youth, Juan Ponce de León is buried at the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista.  Just inside the main cathedral and to the left is the tomb with a lovely statue depicting a woman drinking from a fountain.  3. La Rogativa A seaside statue paying tribute to the women of the city, along with the bishop, who paraded through the streets at night singing hymns, carrying torches, and bells. The British mistook this as evidence that reinforcements that had arrived to protect San Juan.  4. La Casa Estrecha (The Narrow House) Who wouldn’t want to take a peek at one of the narrowest houses in the world… La Casa Estrecha was originally an alleyway before being built.  It is about 5 feet wide, goes back 36 feet and is two stories tall.  I have heard that this will someday be turned into an art museum. Address: 101 Calle Tetuan  5. Paseo de la Princesa Paseo de la Princesa is located on the south side of Old San Juan near Plaza de Hostos and Plaza Darcenas. This is a beautiful tree lined area to walk through and quite often there are performances and food vendors present.  We found one evening that there was a craft fair set up for some local shopping. Like this Post?  PIN IT!