A Look Inside Sagrada Familia

Construction of Sagrada Familia was started in 1882, so we are looking at 135 years so far at it is not complete yet! Construction of Sagrada Familia progress has been slow to complete, but is actually nearing the end…But when will Sagrada Familia be done you ask??

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Visiting the Ruins of Herculaneum

Six months ago I had never heard of Herculaneum. Everyone knows the story of Pompeii and it’s destruction during Mount Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD. Herculaneum suffered the same fate but was not discovered until more recent times. When you first arrive at the site of the ruins you are at what is now “ground level”. You walk thru the large gates and across a bridge the crosses over the far edge of the city that remains. You are able to look out over what remains of the city, with Mount Vesuvius looming ominously behind you and the ocean straight ahead of you. From this vantage point, it is difficult to make out what you are actually seeing. Most of the rooftops are gone and all of the walls are a very similar color.

Cruising Italy: A Shore Excursion to Rome

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Walking the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona

As you are walking the streets of the gothic quarter in Barcelona it’s difficult to not get caught up in the moment. Everything is right there within a very short walking distance (and if you need…

Navigating The Barcelona Metro Like A Pro

Barcelona. You have a wonderful metro system. Even as a traveler that does not speak the languages that are common here, I have found that your metro system was easy to navigate and not…

Glasgow Cathedral & The Necropolis

When we decided to travel to Scotland, I knew that one of the places I wanted to visit (nearly top of the list) was the Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis.  We actually ended up going out of our way to visit, but it was worth it.  When I saw pictures of the Glasgow Cathedral, my first thought was that it is the picture-perfect, stereotypical gothic church.  From the outside you see many tall spires, tons of stained glass and just an architecturally beautiful church.  It is very easy to see why it made the list. Arriving in the city was very easy, we came in by car and the freeway system was easy to navigate.  There were many signs that helped direct us right into town and directly to the cathedral.  We were able to locate a parking garage called the Duke Street Car Park that was not far off the freeway and was a short walk to the cathedral. Entrance to the cathedral was free at the time of our visit and donations to the church are always accepted, but not required.  You should be able to visit any day of the week but you will need to check the current times on the churches website:  Visiting Glasgow Cathedral     The inside of the church is just as incredible as the outside.  You first enter into the Nave of Glasgow Cathedral, this is a large open area that leads to the main altar.  When passing from the Nave to the main altar, you can also head downstairs, under the church to visit the crypt and see the Shine of St. Mungo.  It is much cooler in the area as you are under the church, kind of gives a creepy feeling but it is an area not to be missed. The Necropolis After leaving the cathedral, we headed over to Church Lane which takes you thru the large entrance to the Necropolis. We probably wandered around for about an hour or so looking at the many ornate memorials.  Some were very simple being just a headstone and other were quite large and extravagant, seeming to be the size of a small building.  It was a cloudy dreary day when we visited, which kind of fit the tone of the Necropolis.            Like this post?  PIN IT!

Doctor Who Experience

Doctor Who Experience?? Calling all Whovian! Calling all Whovians! I have to admit to you that when planning our trip to the UK, I did send us a few hours out of our way just to go to this museum. The museum is currently (Aug 2015) located in Cardiff, but I have read that in 2017 it is scheduled to be moved. We were traveling from Edinburgh, Scotland to London by planning to go thru Manchester and Stonehenge. Really it added an extra 3 hours driving to our trip and we had to stay overnight in Cardiff…Doctor Who Experience, totally worth it! Driving into Cardiff was very easy since it was Sunday morning and with a little preplanning we found that there a few parking garages within walking distance of the museum.  We knew the general direction we needed to go to get to the museum and started on our way.  After a few minutes, we came across this cute little sign and knew that we were in the right place and going in the right direction.  I wanna say that the walk from the parking garage to the museum was maybe a 10-minute walk and you are right on Cardiff Bay so the views are pretty fantastic. As you get closer and closer to the museum, you start to see more things to get you excited.  Not sure if that was on purpose or just me.  We saw a Tardis statue over a dock and also some larger signs that showed characters from the show.  Either way it was a great way to lead up to the museum.  We ended up arriving a little before the opening time so we had some time to look around the outside.  Once the museum doors were opened we went inside to find a nice lobby area with a small restaurant. The first part of the Doctor Who Experience that you will go through is an “Interactive Experience” with the Doctor.  It is a little cheesy but if you let yourself have fun with it and go along with the story it is really kinda cute.  We enjoyed “flying” the Tardis and defeating the bad guys!  After that, you are released into the rest of the museum to free wander and see memorabilia from the show.  You will so much stuff from throughout the history of the show.  Costumes, props, good guys, bad guys and everything in between. After wandering through at our own paces, we eventually all met up near the exit to the museum.  This exit led you to the gift shop before ultimately leading you outside the building.  The gift shop had lots of things available and the pricing wasn’t that bad considering it is a gift shop.   All in all, we had a really fun time visiting the Doctor Who Experience and in a  few years I would visit again to see it in a new location with new items displayed.   Like this Post?  PIN IT!