One Day in Paris – The Louvre

  The Louvre…one of the largest and most well-known art museums in the world…it has been around for centuries and is visited by millions every year.  It is home to famous work of art and is so huge that you will need many days if you plan to see everything!  During our visit, we knew that our time was limited so we chose a few pieces of art that we knew were not to be missed and enjoyed a few others along the way. You enter the Louvre thru the iconic glass pyramid that is located in the main courtyard. Once you descend the escalator inside the pyramid to the main lobby you are met with the option of going down three main hallways.  You really should have a game plan before you arrive or it can be very overwhelming. During our visit we planned to see Winged Victory of Samothrace, Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa.  We found 2 of the 3 before our visit was over and it was time to move on.  The Mona Lisa was way smaller than I expected and the area where it hangs was so crowded, but worth it!  She was incredible!  Venus de Milo was picture perfect and more beautiful than I had imagined.  Winged Victory was the one I looked forward to the most and remained unfound…hopefully on my next visit my check list will be complete!

One Day in Paris – Touring The Paris Catacombs

One of our first stops while spending a day in Paris was the Paris Catacombs. We had a full day planned with our next stop being the Louvre, but I have read that the lines for the Catacombs can get long in the summer. For as long as I can remember, The Catacombs of Paris have intrigued me. The story behind the people who rest here and the mystery of the unexplored caves. Stopping in during our day in Paris was a no brainer.