9 Ways To “Survive” A Long Haul Flight

As I look to the upcoming weeks I start to think about all the new sights to see, the foods to eat and the time I will have to sit on a plane. Many people absolutely hate flying. They hate the fees…

TSA PreCheck Locations & What You Might Not Know

Complete Guide to TSA PreCheck Locations & What You Might Not Know

(UPDATED AS OF AUGUST 4 2018) You did it! You signed up for TSA PreCheck, went through the application, got the conditional approval and went to the nearest TSA PreCheck Locations for the final interview. Now you are ready to book a flight somewhere awesome! You have your suitcase packed, your trip all booked and it is time to go! But wait, you are sitting at the airport looking at your boarding pass only to find that there is no TSA PreCheck listed on your pass. What the heck!! Turns out the TSA PreCheck program has a little more going on than you may have realized… PreCheck is currently available at 200+ airports. The good news is that most people will be flying out of a major airport and will most likely have the TSA PreCheck lines. Keep in mind TSA PreCheck locations are only at US airports and territories. The program currently allows approved flyers on the following airlines to use the TSA Precheck lines (some of these may not be at every airport).

Flying on the Cheap: Spirit Airlines Edit

Flying on the Cheap: Spirit Airlines

Everyone loves a good deal.  Unfortunately, with airfare that usually isn’t the case as airfare can quite often be very expensive. Yuck…  Fortunately, we are seeing more and more “low cost” carrier becoming part of the mainstream air industry and even flying out of the larger city airports.  Here in Phoenix, our big low-cost carrier (aside from Southwest) is Spirit Airlines.  Spirit has received a lot of really mixed reviews, ranging from the absolute best to the absolute worst. (Although I guess even the large airlines get the same treatment.) Here are the ways you can get the best price on Spirit Airlines! Go to the Airport and Book Your Flight Booking online includes “Passenger Usage Fee” that is between $8.99 and $16.99 each way.  If you head to the airport and book directly with a ticketing agent you can save $17.98 to 33.98 per person roundtrip.  That is a pretty substantial saving right there!!  Think you can avoid going to the airport by calling Spirit Customer Service?  Sorry…if you book your trip by phone there is $10 Reservation Center Booking fee. Pack Light The checked baggage weight limits for Spirit Airlines are a little lower than the industry standard of 50lbs.  With Spirit, you can have up to 40lbs in your checked bag and it must be under 62″ combined length.  If you are planning to have a “carry-on” bag, the dimensions can be at the most 22 x 18 x10 inches including handles and wheels.  To get the best price you need to be able to pack everything into your “personal item” which can have a maximum dimension of 16 x 14 x 12 inches including handles and wheels…sounds impossible but it can be done!  I got my bag at Costco and it meets the criteria of a personal item!  here is what it looks like: Pay Your Baggage Fees Early If you know you are going to be checking a bag (and most of us are) then pay for it up front…as you can see from the chart below…baggage will get more expensive the longer wait.  Here is a link to Spirit Airlines baggage page. Just Say Yes to Online Check-In Make sure you check-in for your flight online!  If you wait and do it at the airport you will have to wait in line and also pay an additional $10 fee per boarding pass. Just Say No to Advanced Seat Assignments Also, when you check in online you will be given your seat assignment.  Sorry, you can only change the assigned seat they give you if you bite the bullet and pay the fee.  If you are flying with someone else and are on the same reservation then you will be seated together.  If you are flying with someone and are not on the same reservation, you will be ok…read a book, sleep or chat up the person next to you and make a new friend. Flying A Lot?  Check Out the $9 Fare Club If you are …

What’s In My Camera Bag?

As a traveler, I feel like I have a closer relationship with my camera bag than I do with my purse. It isn’t very effective for me to carry a purse and my camera bag when I am out sightseeing.  I needed a bag that can hold everything from my camera gear to some makeup all while not being bulky or cumbersome.  Never fear it can be done!  Here is my camera bag and the contents that keep me going.   Lowepro Passport Sling III After trying many bags, this bag has become my newest favorite!  It is shaped to curve around the body so it stays close to your person.  Three exterior pockets to keep small items in that you want close at hand.  I like to keep my lipgloss/chapstick, metro map, and other little things that if they fall out or get taken I am not too worried about it.  The interior is very functional and has a few custom options depending on the user.  The zippered back area that expands the storage area if you need a little extra room is a fantastic feature. The padded camera caddy helps keep gear in place and prevents sliding and damage while you are walking.  There is even a convenient interior pocket for your tablet. Nikon D7100 DSLR Camera Of course, the camera bag is going to have a camera.  To be honest, I love my Nikon.  Everyone has their favorite brand for one reason or another.  I started with a Nikon because it was probably on sale when I got my first DSLR and I have continued to always go with that brand when it has been time to upgrade. Small Makeup Bag A girl can’t leave without having a few basics with her…A small zippered bag with lip gloss, liquid eyeliner, brow pencil, concealer and mascara.  Ya know…just in case… Camera Accessories I didn’t really want to break the little odds and ends each into their own.  These are the little things that could possibly make or break your day! -Extra batteries, lens filters (I always have a polarized filter handy), extra memory card, notepad with paper to write details or names of a photo So there you have it…my camera bag!  I really don’t carry a whole lot, but usually by the end of the day I will have quite the collection.   I usually end up with empty water bottles, receipts, transportation passes, maps…the list just goes on and on with the random things I collect when I’m out for the day.  One time I even had an empty beer growler during a festival. What the strangest thing you have ended up with in your camera bag?     Like this Post?  PIN IT!