Maho Beach – Airplanes Arriving/Departing St Maarten


Maho Beach - St Maarten - Princess Juliana Airport - Planes Arriving and Departing

A day well spent on the beach in May 2012, watching planes and eating pizza with rum punch, during a Carnival Victory cruise from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Maho beach sits right at the edge of Princess Juliana Airport on the island of St Maarten.  This beach is known around the world by airplane enthusiasts as THE place to go for airplane watching.  The planes come in for landing over the ocean and at the last second cross the small strip of beach and land just 800 feet from the waters edge.  On the beach below people watch in awe as the planes soar what feels like feet overhead.  Pretty incredible to see in person!

Don't be fooled, the takeoffs are just as amazing!  Airplane pilots will line up their aircraft for takeoff with the jet engines pointed toward the ocean.  Meanwhile, the bravest visitors line the fence (only 400 feet away) directly in the path of the engine blast, just waiting to feel the wind and hot air trying to force them back.

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