Packing For A Cruise: 10 Things You Need


Yes yes I know I know…we all know about packing the proper clothing and toiletries…yes sunscreen and flip flops too.  What about the little things that you would need that you wouldn’t even think of.  You know the little things that will make your life a little easier while you are trying to enjoy your vacation.  Here is a list of 10 things you need to pack for a cruise.

  1.  Power Strip – In your cabin you will probably only have a few limited spaces to plug in and recharge your items.  Having a power strip with you will allow you more space.  I have found that the only power outlet in the cabin will be in the desk area.

  2. Insulated Tumbler – There are always cups provided for getting drinks, but they are a lot smaller than a tumbler.  I like having my own tumbler for around the ship.

  3. Insulated Coffee Mug – Same as the regular drinking glasses, coffee cups are available but an insulated mug will hold more coffee and stay piping hot while you spend your morning roaming the decks or watching the world sail by.

  4. Mini Flashlight – Always a great idea to have a little flashlight available in case of an emergency you can see your way or just to not stub your toe on your way to the bathroom at night.

  5. A stack of $1 Bills – Room Service is included, but it is always a good idea to have some $1 bills available for a tip. Also don’t forget to tip your bartenders…they remember their good customers and will take care of you.  😉

  6. Small Waterproof Sack – Nothing is worse than hanging out on the pool deck and getting water dripping all over things tat should be kept dry.  This handy little sack will help prevent your stuff from being ruined.

7. Suction Cup Hooks – In the shower there is a small clothes line to hang swimsuits from, but I have found for two of us it really isn’t quite enough room…These little hooks give you additional drying space.

  1. Wine – Don’t forget to bring the wine!  Most (if not all) cruise lines let you bring at least 1 bottle of wine (750ml) per adult.  Don’t forget to bring your bottles onboard to enjoy!

  2. Portable Charging Brick – A portable power brick that will let you charge any device via USB.  I have found that I can fully charge about 3-4 iPhones before I run out of recharging power.  very handy to just throw int he bag when you are on the go.

  3.  Battery Operated Fan with Adapter – I like moving air while I sleep at night.  Just a personal preference, but I alway have to have a little battery powered fan while I am cruising.

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